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    • Keyless Entry *
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen *
    • Cook & Tableware *
    • Coffee Maker *
    • Outdoor Grill *
    • Sheets & Towels *
    • Signature Welcome Package *
    * All houses include these items.

    Roadside Bar and Grill

    Apart from the local seafood, the outdoor bar and gaming area is a haven for all visitors.

    Roadside Bar & Grill
    1193 Duck Rd
    Duck, NC 27949
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    We LOVE the Roadside Bar and Grill here at Carolina Designs! It’s often our go-to spot for take-out or having lunch. Offering both lunch and dinner, the menu at Roadside is seafood-centric and fresh, and the vibe is welcoming and friendly. You definitely have to check out the Backbar, their eclectic outdoor bar area with tons of seating, outdoor games, a music stage, movie-style popcorn maker, and so much more.