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    Ocean Sands Community Codes & Regulations

    In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable time at the beach, Ocean Sands Property Owners Association (POA) and Centurion Security Services, Inc., respectfully request that you observe all rules and regulations of the community. For your convenience, all major rules and regulations are listed below.

    Prohibited Vehicles:

    RV’s/Motor Homes (Class A, C, & slip-ons higher than 12″ from cab)

    Golf carts


    Motorized scooters/buggies

    And other similar vehicles

    Trailers: “U-Haul”-type, boat, motorcycle/ATV/work-type & fifth-wheel

    Any vehicle found in violation may be booted or towed at owner’s expense.


    All on-street parking within Ocean Sands is illegal. (NCGS 12-62 & 12-63)

    Any vehicle parking partially or wholly in the street may be booted, towed, or issued a county or state citation.

    Please refrain from parking in the grass or in driveways of homes you have not rented.

    Please refrain from blocking common driveways.

    Parking lot at Ocean Lake Swim & Tennis (Section 0) is for club members using pool/tennis courts ONLY. Beach/overflow parking is NOT permitted. Any vehicle found in violation may be booted or towed at owner’s expense.

    Parking for tennis courts in sections D & F is for guests of Ocean Sands while using tennis courts ONLY. Beach/overflow parking is NOT permitted. Any vehicle found in violation may be booted or towed at owner’s expense.

    Handicapped parking is located at beach accesses in sections F (Sea Oats Ct. & Salt Spray Ct.) and H (Skimmers Arch & Tern Arch). Handicapped placards must be displayed. Any vehicle without visible placard may be towed or issued a county/state citation. Overnight parking is NOT permitted.

    Parking in lifeguard/EMS spaces is illegal and any vehicle found in violation may be towed or issued a a county/state citation.

    Firepits & Open Burns:

    Firepits and open burns at properties and on the beach are prohibited in Ocean Sands. This excludes self-contained BBQs.


    In Currituck County, ALL fireworks are illegal (NCGS 14-410 THRU 14-415). For your safety and that of our community and other guests, we ask that you refrain from setting off fireworks.

    Excessive Noise:

    Currituck County noise ordinance (Ch. 9 – Article II – 9-33) goes into effect at 9PM on weekdays and 11PM on Fri/Sat. Ocean Sands is a family-friendly community, so we respectfully request that you avoid excessive noise after these times.

    Other Nuisances:

    All floodlights and excessive exterior lights must be turned off after 10PM. Excessive lighting creates light pollution that adversely impacts stargazing, disrupts the natural nesting patterns of sea turtles, and your neighbor’s sleep when a spotlight is shining in their bedroom window.

    Dune Preservation (Div. 7 – Section 10-128):

    Sand dunes are a vital component of our barrier island system that makes up the Outer Banks. In addition to protecting our community from harsh storms, they are also home to natural vegetation and wildlife. We respectfully request that you do everything you can to help us preserve the quality and functionality of our sand dunes by refraining from climbing/traversing, allowing pets, digging, removing plant life, playing, or operating a vehicle on the dunes.