• WiFi *
    • Keyless Entry *
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen *
    • Cook & Tableware *
    • Coffee Maker *
    • Outdoor Grill *
    • Sheets & Towels *
    • Signature Welcome Package *
    * All houses include these items.

    Enjoy a hassle-free vacation with our keyless entry homes using the latest technology.

    How to Operate the Keyless Entry Lock

    our vacation home is equipped with keyless entry, which may look like one of the following:


    1. Touch the keypad portion of the lock with the palm of your hand to illuminate the keypad.
    2. Enter your code followed by the asterisk key (*) or the check mark (√) — whichever icon you see on the bottom left of your keypad.
    3. When the code is accepted the locking mechanism will activate and the lock will open.


    To lock simply touch the keypad with the back of your hand causing the locking mechanism to activate and the lock will then close.

    Should you have any problems with lock operation:

    1. Please retry the procedure.
    2. Double check the code you entered with the code provided.

    If problem persists, please call 800-368-3825.