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    Outer Banks Insects

    Meet some of the smallest area locals.

    Not all Outer Banks inspects are as beloved as the monarch butterflies that migrate through the region each fall.

    Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
    Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis


    Midges, also known as “fuzzy bills,” are small, non-biting flies. When temperature, humidity, and light conditions are just right, parts of the Outer Banks can experience swarms of these insects. They’re an important part of the aquatic food chain and pose no threat to people or pets, but can be an annoying presence. Adult midges have a short life span of three to five days. Spiders feed on them, so there is often an increase in the number of spiders and webs during and following a midge swarm. There is no truly effective method to combat midges (spraying and power-washing last a very short time), but you can minimize their presence at your vacation rental with the following tips:

    • Midges are attracted to light. Keep outside deck lights off for any areas that are not in use, and turn all outside lights off when you retire for the night.
    • Avoid using bright lights positioned in front of windows, as these will attract the midges to the window and increase the possibility of entering the home.
    • Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to minimize the number of insects entering the home. Midges try to escape the wind and will accumulate on the leeward side of the house, on covered decks, and in shrubs near the home – keep windows and entry doors tightly closed to keep them out.


    Ants are a very common nuisance along the Outer Banks. Vacation rentals are regularly treated to help prevent them from impacting your stay, but it’s difficult to keep them out of homes due to their small size. Vacuum in areas where food is prepared and eaten during your visit, promptly wipe up spills, and don’t leave food items out. Please reach out to our operations department if you require assistance with an ant problem during your vacation.

    Palmetto Bugs

    Palmetto bugs are also known as “water bugs.” They’re a type of cockroach attracted to cool, damp, and dark areas outdoors, and they can be found in every town along the Outer Banks throughout the year. When temperatures outside drop, they can head inside to seek warmth, typically in bathrooms where there’s access to water. Keep kitchen counters clean and groceries sealed, and report any leaky faucets to Carolina Designs Realty’s maintenance department to help us prevent palmetto bugs from enjoying your vacation rental. (Although homes are regularly treated, this does not prevent palmetto bugs from wandering inside.)