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    Things to do in Southern Shores

    Top activities and attractions for everyone in the Southern Shores of North Carolina.

    The Southern Shores of North Carolina is the go-to destination for vacation dwellers and adventure seekers who want indoor and outdoor activities. Check out popular resorts, private beaches, go horseback riding, or have fun kayaking.

    OBX Pop Up Picnic
    OBX Pop Up Picnic
    Beach Time On The Outer Banks
    Beach Time
    Duck Woods Country Club in Southern Shores, NC
    Duck Woods Country Club
    Soundside Parks in Southern Shores, NC
    Soundside Parks
    Hand holding a scallop shell
    Beachcombing & Shell Guide
    East Coast Sailboats
    East Coast Sailboats
    OB-Xscape Rooms
    OB-Xscape Rooms