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    Service and Support Animal Policy

    Carolina Designs welcomes guests with a trained service animal, emotional support, or psychiatric service animal. We recognize that these are working animals, providing an important service for our guests. This policy is in effect for any leases made after January 1, 2019.

    Trained Service Animals

    Trained service animals are dogs, specifically trained to performed life functions for those individuals with disabilities. Examples include visual impairment, deafness, seizures, mobility limitations, or other needs. Our reservation agents will ask specific questions in compliance with ADA regulations.

    Service Animals in Training

    Only trained and certified service animals are considered service animals under this policy. A licensed and certified professional trainer is permitted to bring one service animal that is training to assist a disabled guest as described in our service animal policy.

    Emotional Support / Psychiatric Service Animals

    Emotional support animals assist with emotional, psychiatric, or cognitive support for individuals with disabilities. They may or may not be trained to perform specific tasks related to a disability. Emotional support and psychiatric service animals must have the required documentation provided to us at least 3 days prior to check-in. Documentation includes this form for veterinary health, medical/mental health, and animal behavioral acknowledgment. If we have not received or are unable to validate the documentation, our pet policy will apply to the animal in question.

    Guests traveling with multiple emotional support/psychiatric service animals must have documentation for each animal. Due to the safety and health of our guests, vendors, and employees, some animals cannot be permitted, including reptiles, amphibians, rodents, spiders, marsupials, ferrets, insects, hedgehogs, birds of prey, or animals with tusks, horns, or hooves.

    Therapy Animals

    Therapy animals are pets who have been registered by a therapy organization in order to visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, or other facilities, are not considered service animals. If you are traveling with a therapy animal, please visit our pet policy guidelines in our house rules.

    Animal Behavior

    Working animals must behave consistently with the standards of their great need. Inappropriate behavior is any action including, but not limited to, barking (not in response to a handler’s need/distress), growling, jumping/lunging at people, scratching furniture or fixtures, relieving themselves inside the property, biting or attempting to bite. If this behavior is displayed, the animal will be considered a pet and our pet policy will be enforced. Animals must be under the control of their handler at all times and leashed (unless leashing interferes with their work) and may not be left alone on the property at any time.

    Relief Areas

    There are no specific relief areas on our properties. We request that waste is cleaned up and disposed of properly so as not to present a public health hazard.

    Psychiatric and Emotional Support Animal Form