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    Outer Banks Vacation Safety

    Please review this important information before your visit, and share the link with the rest of your vacation group. Thank you and have a wonderful stay!

    General Safety

    Know your address.

    Your vacation home address is located on your lease, your check-in packet, and on signage outside the home. If your home has an elevator, the address will be posted inside the elevator car as well.

    Children should stay away from elevators.

    Children are prohibited from using the elevator unattended. Always firmly shut all interior and exterior elevator doors. Please do not press elevator buttons on different levels at the same time.

    Remember to lock your vehicles and secure your vacation home.

    Our vacation home keyless locks do not lock automatically. When leaving the property, touch the keypad portion of the lock with the back of your hand to activate the lock.

    Do not over-occupy the home.

    Please note that extra bedding is not permitted. Only the maximum allowable number of occupants may use the home and daytime visitors should be kept to a minimum.

    Fire Safety

    When you check in, locate the home’s fire extinguishers, familiarize yourself with all exits, and discuss an evacuation plan with your vacation group.

    • Grills are not to be moved.
    • Smoking/vaping of ANY kind is not allowed inside any Carolina Designs Realty vacation home or outside on any decks. Please be sure to dispose of cigarette butts properly and safely.
    • Firepits are not allowed unless provided by the homeowner.
    • Beach fires are prohibited in all towns except Nags Head, and a permit is required.
    • Most fireworks (and all sky lanterns) are illegal on the Outer Banks.

    Pool & Hot Tub Safety


    • Never leave children unattended in the pool area.
    • Please report any broken pool gate latches or door alarms to our maintenance department right away.
    • If your entire private pool is cloudy and you can’t see the main drain, discontinue use, and contact our maintenance department. Note that sand in the pool is very common in our area due to high winds and shifting dunes, and does not alter the chemical balance of the water.
    • If anyone in your vacation group has an implanted device sensitive to electricity, please contact our office for further information.
    • Be extra careful on wet, potentially slippery surfaces.
    • If your home’s pool is heated, note that the maximum pool heat temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat pump heaters require an ambient air temperature of 60 degrees or higher to heat the pool; if the temperature drops below 60 degrees, the pump will not continue to heat.
    • Please abide by all additional posted onsite rules.


    • Never leave children unattended in the hot tub area.
    • Children under 12, elderly persons, and those with health issues should not use the hot tub. Children have an increased risk of skin irritation from hot tub use.
    • Always have someone with you while using the hot tub, but don’t overcrowd it. Water can spill over the sides and damage the motor.
    • The temperature should not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures are recommended for extended use exceeding 10-15 minutes.
    • Do not stay in the hot tub for more than 30 minutes. Do not use the blowers and high jet settings for more than 30 minutes as it can cause overheating and motor damage.
    • Shower before and after using the hot tub.
    • Do not remove the chlorine floater. Note that the hot tub’s water may appear cloudy until chemicals have properly dispersed after it is serviced on check-in/check-out day. The hot tub will be checked mid-week by the vendor.
    • Leave the hot tub on low jet settings and replace the cover when not in use. Please use care when removing and replacing the fragile hot tub cover, and never sit on it. If the hot tub cover is found damaged, please contact our maintenance office.
    • Be extra careful on wet, potentially slippery surfaces.

    Beach Safety

    Love The Beach, Respect The Ocean: Be safe while having fun!

    • Never swim alone or leave children unattended by an adult.
    • Always swim with flotation.
    • Know Before You Go: The National Weather Service provides a beach forecast which includes rip current risk. Note that low risk does not mean no risk.
    • Sign up for daily Outer Banks beach and ocean condition text alerts from Dare County by texting OBXBEACHCONDITIONS to 77295. (It’s easy to unsubscribe after your stay, simply text STOP to the same number.)
    • Do not get in the water when red “No Swimming” flags are flying.
    • Be extremely cautious and consider staying out of the water when yellow “Dangerous Current” flags are flying.
    • Learn about rip currents and backwash. If caught in a rip current, remain calm, yell for help, stay afloat, and swim parallel to the shore rather than fight to swim straight back to shore.
    • Do not swim when a storm is near, or at night. Vacate the beach if you hear thunder.
    • Do not dig holes in the sand deeper than knee-to-thigh deep due to collapse risk. Always fill in holes and knock down sandcastles.
    • Remove all of your beach gear each evening.

    Protect yourself from the sun.

    Use sunscreen (don’t forget to frequently re-apply!), UV-protective clothing, find shade, take breaks, drink water, and avoid the hottest part of the day when possible. Always keep a pair of flip-flops or shoes handy while you’re at the beach. Remember, if it’s too hot for you to go barefoot, it’s too hot for dog paws too. It can take less than one minute for dog paws to blister.

    Stay hydrated – dogs, too!

    Whether you’re spending time in the hot tub, at the beach, or by a pool, always keep water handy. Be sure to make fresh water available to the four-legged friends in your group.

    Be careful around beach nourishment equipment.

    Certain areas of the Outer Banks receive beach nourishment. Please be mindful of beach nourishment work zones and keep children and pets away from staged equipment.